About Us

We offer our customers design and specialist services in the field of production and mechanical engineering as well as turnkey-deliveries relating to the aforementioned fields. Turnkey deliveries are actually how we differentiate ourselves from other engineering companies by managing the entire manufacturing process and delivering CE-marked products, machines and production lines of our own design.

Customer satisfaction and the high quality of our deliveries are of crucial importance to us, which is why we have the ISO 9001 quality management system in place. The majority of Hefmec’s clientele operate in the Finnish export industry with their deliveries largely connected to mechanical engineering, machine automation, foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals.

Our Story

Hefmec was established in 2004 in Helsinki, with a team of six specialists. Since then we have grown both organically and through acquisitions: In 2007, Hefmec acquired the commercial operations of Teknopori (Ltd).

When setting up the company, we wanted its name to reflect the professional knowhow we offer our customers. The name Hefmec is derived from two parts, the first of which comes from Greek mythology and more specifically the god Hephaestus (in Finnish Hefaistos), and the second from the word mechanics.

Hephaestus – the god of fire and metalworking among many other things, was ferocious and severe – but an absolute professional. A bit like us!

Our Mission

Together with our customers, we carry out demanding production development projects, as well as design projects and project deliveries relating to mechanical engineering.

Our Vision

We are a valued partner in production-related engineering design projects and project deliveries.

Hefmec’s vital statistics
million euros
in Vantaa and Pori

Our Values

Respect for the Individual